ISF VIDEO CALIBRATION – Our service goes beyond your typical ISF calibration and will ensure your Rec. 709 HD, 4K, Rec. 2020 UHD or DCI video displays are performing at their peak capability.  Professional quality test equipment like that found in major movie studios along with AccuCal proprietary methods are used to achieve optimal results from your display and associated video sources.


Experience with service mode access on many displays including Brillian (factory authorized calibrator), Hitachi, JVC, Mitsubishi, Optoma, Panasonic, Pioneer, Qualia, RCA, Runco, Samsung, Sim2, Sony and Toshiba will be used when necessary to achieve the desired results. We also have considerable experience with 4K/UHD flat panel and projection products.

Key Benefits:

  • Stunning color accuracy for improved flesh tones along with other colors
  • Improved image detail
  • Reduced video artifacts
  • Verify equipment is performing as intended.
  • Improved 3D effect

Key Steps:

  • Client education about video calibration process and your system improvements
  • Fix wiring problems (cable cost is separate)
  • Contrast, brightness, color and hue calibration
  • Grayscale calibration to standard
  • Gamma adjusted to match standard
  • Geometry adjustment to minimize overscan and ensure true images
  • Sharpness calibration to reduce enhancement and create a more detailed image
  • Detailed color analysis and alignment to provide the best color accuracy possible including color management system adjustment when available.
  • Optimum selection of video processing modes and resolution settings for each source and the display.
  • Confirm proper 24Hz processing using PR-670 (one of the few devices that can).
  • Enable ISFccc Night and Day modes in various capable products including Runco, Sharp, Panasonic and Pioneer products.
  • Service mode adjustments to reduce filtering & enhancement if available
  • Optimize 3D mode color, light output and 3D effect.
  • Provide before and after calibration report (download example by clicking here).

Test Equipment List:

  • Photo Research PR-670 SpectraScan; Photo Research’s latest NIST traceable spectroradiometer. Including options and accessories to provide the highest level of accuracy for all applications. 15 years newer design than the PR-650 and twice the sensors of the PR-650 or 655 for improved accuracy with difficult light sources. 6.4 times the sensors of the Minolta CS-200 and 2.6 times that of the EyeOne Pro.  Capable of measuring light levels up to 8,000,000 nits for Dolby Vision HDR displays.
  • Accupel HDG-4000; component video, VGA, DVI, HDMI test pattern generator
  • DVDO TPG HDMI test pattern generator includes 4K/UHD capability
  • VideoForge HDMI test pattern generator includes 3D capability
  • HD-SDI output capability for post production monitor calibration
  • GretagMacbeth EyeOne Pro (x2); NIST traceable spectroradiometer with custom software and PC color management software.
  • HD source over HDMI to check calibration in systems with streaming only
  • AccuCal proprietary color analysis software for superior color calibration
  • AccuCal customized hardware for superior low light color calibration
  • AccuCal customized hardware for superior front projection color calibration
  • Various custom Blu-Ray test patterns
  • Avia Pro; professional DVD test discs
  • Toy Story II, Star Wars III and Charlotte Gray; DVD movies for verification
  • Casino Royal, Galapagos and Cars; Blu-Ray movies for verification
  • Disney Sampler Blu-Ray for 3D verification
  • Sony PVM-96 D65 monitor.

Display Specific Tools:

  • ControlCal Software for Pioneer and Panasonic plasmas and Sharp LCD displays
  • Sim2 LiveColors Calibration Version 1.2 & 2.6 for Sim2 2D and 3D projectors
  • Sony Image Director 3.0 for advanced gamma and gray scale calibration of Sony projectors
  • ISFccc Mode software for JVC projectors
  • Digital Projection Projector Controller ColorMax software
  • NEC Display Wall calibration software


  • ISF Calibrator
  • THX Certified Home Theater Technician Level II
  • Brillian Certified HT Calibration
  • BS Engineering Degree

Application Experience:

  • Over 2000 systems
  • Homes
  • Movie post production
  • Commercial
  • Government

Equipment Experience:

  • Displays: Front Projection (CRT, DLP, LCD, LCoS, SXRD), Rear Projection (CRT, DLP, Laser, LCD, LED, SXRD, LCoS), Direct View (CRT, LCD, LED, OLED, Plasma)
  • Sources: Antennas, Blu-Ray, Cable, Computers, DVD, D-VHS, HD-DVD, Laser Disc, Satellite, Streaming Video, Video Scalers, VHS, SDI Post Equipment, Pro Cinema Cameras
  • Display Manufacturers: Anthem, BenQ, Brillian, Clarity Video Wall, Epson, Fujitsu, Insignia, Hitachi, JVC, Marantz Mitsubishi, NEC, NEC Video Wall, Optoma, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, RCA, Runco, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sim2, Sony, Toshiba, TruVue, Vizio Video Processor Manufacturers: Algolith, Anthem, Crystalio, DVDO, Lumagen, Onkyo, SpectraCal