REVIEWS – The following are typical testimonials from our clients for our ISF calibration, THX calibration, design and consulting services.  Your system will improve in ways described by these clients.  Many of these clients have used others including ISF, THX and HAA instructors and found AccuCal to deliver dramatically superior results.


We are astounded by the sound quality now.  It’s like we have a new home theater system!  Great job! – Randy 11/21/2015


I love what you did for us. It’s amazing. – T0m in Atlanta (Audio & Video Calibration) 11/19/2015


Just wanted to take the time thank you so much. Today was one of the best experiences I have had. You’re very passionate about your business and I am so glad I found you. – Jesse (2 Audio & Video Calibrations) 11/11/2012


Received projector yesterday and I am so pleased with the outcome. Everything now looks so natural and balanced. I read a few reviews that said this product being as cheap as it is doesn’t warrant having a calibration done. I could not disagree more. I am a firm believer in professional calibration.  – Gerald 11/4/2015 (BenQ projector shipped to AccuCal)


Thank you Jeff!  I had an awesome time!I just finished watching Mad Max Fury Road, wow.  I didn’t even use my buttkickers. – Jay in Augusta 10/22/2015


I am currently sitting in my home theater that you calibrated a couple of weeks ago. First I wanted to thank you for your outstanding services that truly enhance the overall home theater experience. The deepest blacks, natural skin tones, smooth bass response are all your doing.

My family and I have enjoyed every second we spent in our home theater and your calibration services for audio and video play a huge part in it. I do not possess the skills, knowledge or equipment to properly calibrate my theater.

You on the other hand are a true professional at what you do. My theater was built for function and I did not have 100k to put into it like some of your other clients. I wish I did but I don’t. Your services  make me very confident that every ounce of performance had been tapped into with my gear and overall setup.

I also wanted to thank you for double checking my theater design and equipment selections. I would of spent several thousand more on equipment but you guided me in the best direction for my budget. We also appreciate you not trying to up sell us on equipment that you sell. This is huge because we exceeded our budget by a little  (don’t we all when it comes to this hobby) and the last thing we wanted was more money out the door.

You will always be my first and only call for audio and video calibration. Anytime you’re  in town and want to grab a beer you are always welcome at our house. Thank you again for your services and personal touch with what you do. Time to get back to my movie. – Matt in Chicago 10/6/2015


The basement you tuned up is great.  Thanks again for all you did. – Custom Installer 9/28/2015


I’m  enjoying how you transformed my listening experiences.  Great job.  Kim in Maine 9/27/2015


I once again had the pleasure of having Jeff Meier (UMR) calibrate my front projector and 5.1 audio setup. Jeff had previously calibrated an NEC 42″ plasma and my audio system back in 2007 and made a remarkable difference on that system.

After relocating and setting up a new system, I figured the money spent on calibration is trivial compared to my investment if the results are anything like what they were on my previous system.

Without exaggeration, the results this time are totally unbelievable and surpass my previous experience by far! The before and after results on both the projector and my analog audio system have to be witnessed to appreciate the benefits of an Accucal calibration.

Being a Controls Engineer, I consider myself very technically savvy. But there is no way I have the time or desire to attempt to bring my knowledge up to Jeff’s level. For me it’s bring Jeff in to do his thing, then sit back and enjoy the system knowing it’s the best it can be. I personally would not trust anyone else.

Thanks Jeff! … I watched a Carlos Santana Blue Ray after you left, and the Audio & Video quality are stunning beyond belief! – Korszo AVS Form 9/16/2015


I had the pleasure of getting my display (Samsung UN88JS9500FXZA) calibrated by Jeff Meier (user UMR on AVS) of Accucal this weekend. Being the consummate professional Jeff communicated with me extensively prior to the calibration appointment (correcting me on several misconceptions I had about HDR before he even arrived!) and arrived promptly at the appointed time.

From the beginning it was clear that Jeff was of a special class of professional in this space. While my knowledge is not sufficient to evaluate effectively the specific equipment and software he used for the calibration (although from what I gather from other repeat clients of his that are much more knowledgeable than I am, he has some of the finest equipment and custom software in the business), the results were nothing if not stunning.

I have had calibrations done before (one on an OLED and multiple on PDPs ranging from my F8500 to my old Elite Kuros) with varied results (but mostly good). Jeff was a delight to work with and has a body of knowledge and technical expertise that would shame all but the most experienced AV professionals.

Jeff corrected several errors that were present from the (stupid I know) settings I had copied from a review site. He spent several hours calibrating the display and once finished we spent a not inconsiderable amount of time viewing actual content (unlike prior calibrations I had done) from several sources for comparison purposes and the results were wonderful.

Colors were rich, vibrant and beautifully saturated. Shadow detail was (now) superb and the overall sense of depth and contrast was magnificent. It is a delight to find someone of such extensive technical expertise and watch them realize the capabilities of a piece of hardware like this display.

Being a long time PDPer and self admitted black level measurement fascist for many years I had serious reservations about going FALD-LCD regardless of the WCG/4K/HDR “hype” (which I can assure you is not hype at all), but now with what Jeff has achieved with the display I can safely say that I have found a worthy (dare I say superior?) replacement for my old Elites (something that I was concerned may not be possible in this decade).

While it will never have the measured black levels of my OLED (and honestly I don’t believe it needs them to succeed as an excellent display but that discussion is for another thread), the quality of the images and the perceived contrast produced by this display is (thanks to Jeffs excellent work) now nothing short of spellbinding.

I want to thank Jeff for his time, his knowledge and the fun I had chatting with and learning from him. I look forward to his return for my audio calibration in due course.

I cannot recommend Jeff and his work highly enough.  – wicklow AVS Forum 9/14/2015


Had Jeff out to my new home in April to calibrate the family room with a 5.1 setup and was amazed with his work. The basement theater is ahead of schedule and I have him set up to come take care of my 7.2 system in the theater.

Besides great calibration I used his consulting services and he helped save me a good deal of money with equipment. He is a class act and both my wife and I enjoyed his company. Looking forward to seeing you in September when you come back to Illinois! – mcs2000si AVS Forum 7/31/2015


Jeff Meier has been calibrating my home theaters every time I get new equipment for the past 5 years or so, and I unreservedly give him the highest possible recommendation. Both my audio and video quality are dramatically improved after he has completed his calibrations. You will not be disappointed after he is done. Do not hesitate to contact him if your system needs calibrating. – Cal68 AVS Forum 7/28/2015


Looks and sounds great!  I’ll let you know when I’m thinking about any new equipment.  :) – Eric 6/20/2015


I had a visit from Jeff Meier last week and he calibrated my Panasonic VT50 as well as calibrated the audio.
He was very professional and treated me and my very modest home theater just as I imagine he would someone with far more impressive equipment and space.

The sound calibration dialed in my surround speakers better than ever and the bass is wonderfully full. I had just bought a second sub and wondered why it didn’t sound right. He found it was out of phase with the other sub pretty easily. It would have taken me forever to figure that out.

The display looks better than ever. I can see much better shadow detail and the 3D has much more dimensionality. The skin tones are very nice.

I”m very happy with the results and he was a pleasure to work with. The calibration report is attached if curious. Thanks Jeff – celmendo AVS Forum 6/17/2015


Everyone who hears my sound system cannot believe how good it sounds.  I tell them it never sounded like this with Audyssey.  It was the manual calibration done by AccuCal that makes it this good.  Jeff S. 6/16/2015


Back when Accucal was based in Houston, I had him calibrate my old Sony Grand Wega 50″er. Since then, he’s done a Kuro Elite 60″, Epson 1080UB, Panasonic VT25, and a JVC RS2 for me.

While some sets caused a little difficulty, Jeff was always able to get a great picture out of any device I had him tackle.

Most recently, he calibrated an XBR55X900B for me, which came out wonderful and didn’t take much time, but yielded the same calibrated, natural-looking image I’ve come to expect from Jeff’s work.

Then came my VPL-HW50ES. I had to get its light engine replaced under warranty. Jeff, at first glance, told me that they either used a refurb light engine, or they set things up incorrectly at the factory.

The image was bad enough that I wouldn’t watch movies in the theater due to the terrible blue shift at lower IREs and overall black levels being unacceptable. Jeff agreed that it wasn’t in a good way, and had to break out his RS232/null modem setup and do some Wizardry with Sony’s arcane Windows software.

It took quite a bit of time, but when he called me back into the theater room, he had a smile on his face, and soon, I did. He managed to tame the projector, and not only was the image I’d hoped to see there, but with its new settings, black level was much improved, and with the iris off, the image is bright enough to watch with the lighting over my seats on. And with the iris off, blacks in the darkened room, while not rivaling my RS2, are close enough that I’m content.

I’m attaching my calibration reports for those of you interested in what Jeff can do. It’s his proven experience, affable, yet professional demeanor, and in-depth A/V knowledge that keep me coming back to him for my calibration needs. He spoiled me and got me turned onto his calibration work back in 2004 when I put away my Video Essentials disc for good, and he’s still doing it over ten years later.

I’ll see you in October, Jeff. As will my 65X900B.  – GFSloan  6/16/2015 AVS Forum


I had the privilege of welcoming Jeff Meier with AccuCal (AVS handle is UMR) into my home this past evening to calibrate my 55″ JS8500 Samsung 4K television. This is Jeff’s third visit to my place near New Orleans, with previous visits including a video calibration of a Pioneer 5010FD plasma and a Panasonic 65VT25 plasma, and an audio calibration Pioneer Elite / JL Audio / Anthony Gallo surround sound system.

Jeff’s work is amazing — the quality he is able to produce after calibration is truly a sight to behold — every product he has worked with for me over the years gets infinitely better. It is truly the best money you can spend on your A/V equipment.

Jeff spent nearly 4 hours yesterday evening, measuring colors, tweaking settings, discussing equipment, and sharing his artistry, science, and expertise in the A/V field.

It was a pleasure as always. Blu-rays, 3D content, satellite TV content, and 4K content has never looked this amazing. Thanks again Jeff.

Needless to say, the Samsung JS8500 is an amazing device and a great deal as well.

Owners, do yourself a favor and get this TV professionally calibrated. It’s a beautiful thing. – FloppySet AVS Forum 6/9/2015


Wanted to let you know that everything looks and sounds  great! Had a bunch of people over Saturday night and all were beyond impressed. Thank you for coming  out and hopefully I’ll have you back sooner than later to do the theater. – Matt C. 5/21/2015


It’s been a few days since your visit which has given me time to listen to some music and watch some movies. Just a quick note to thank you for the work you did improving my set up and room performance. Huge change for the better and has brought the theater to a new level.

It’s like night and day! I also appreciate the time you put into walking me through the process and the opportunity to learn.

I still need to investigate that tweeter issue you pointed out, fortunately the ScanSpeak driver is still available should I need to replace it. Can you confirm what frequency spectrum and volume you where running through it during the test so that I can replicate it with a before and after to see if tightening the mounting screws resolves the issue.

I think you were sending pink noise 500hz-2khz at about 85db. REW has a signal generator feature I can use to perform the test.

Once again, great to meet you and FANTASTIC job on the room. Truly appreciated. – Chris I. 5/19/2015


Just wanted to let you know we went with the Black Bean in flat and I finished the room Sunday evening.  Room turned out great.  Thanks for the color recommendation.  

Wife really likes it too.  The 1st show that we saw was the Billboard awards and it was amazing.  We’ve watched a few more shows and are really impressed with the overall change. – Rick W. 5/18/2015


Jeff did both my Plasma and Audio Cal 3 years ago and did a fantastic job on both. They both look and sound just as great today as the day he did the Cal. He is a great guy and very professional. Worth the $. – Fasteddie516 4/27/2015


My clients are very happy with their calibration results using your services.  They typically had discarded other professional calibrations because they preferred what they had done before. – Jim G. 4/1/2015 (High-end HT installer)


Thanks, Jeff. Again, I cannot begin to put into words how thankful I am for your work yesterday. I had always dreamed of having a home theater that rivaled what I have often read about online and in magazines. I figured without a cash investment that equaled what I spent on components, I would never achieve that level of sight and sound.

Boy, was I wrong! Within a short, 6 hour time frame, you took my home theater from modest to reference. I told you how little I ever go to the local cinemas and now, I don’t believe I’ll ever go to another movie theater outside of my own! Why would I?

The colors, clarity, definition, and precision of the picture you created is breathtaking. In my book, the video adjustment was worth every penny of what I spent in total. Adding in what you did with the audio, I feel like I still owe you money. I feel as though I was listening to movies through an old AM radio compared to what I have now.

Sounds are crisp, clear, well-timed, deep, accurate, and enveloping. Movie soundtracks will never be the same. I look forward to having you back later in the year to do the tweaks after I get my other sub repaired. – Craig B.  2/20/2015


Jeff came to my home on January 15, 2015 to calibrate my new Sharp LC90 LE657U. I had been using this TV for about three weeks before he arrived, so I had a good “feel” for what the picture looked like. When Jeff arrived, he came with all sorts of electronic gear and talked a little about what he was going to do.

I found Jeff to be very friendly and engaging and answered all my questions as he set up his equipment. He really took his time explaining things to me and really took his time calibrating all the appropriate settings.

After he finished, and I put on a channel that I watch a lot which is HD CNN news, I could not believe the difference in the quality of the image I was seeing!! A much brighter richer looking picture with more natural colors than I had seen before.

Before he calibrated the picture, the colors had that “washed out” look to them and after calibration the colors were brighter and more deeply saturated than they were before. Jeff spent several hours at my home calibrating my TV.

He’s a true professional who obviously cares deeply about the quality of his work and I highly recommend him to anyone thinking about getting a professional calibration for their television!! – Danny C. LA


Jeff Meier was at my home this weekend. He came and calibrated my Panasonic VT50 (first use was 6/2013) and my modest 2.1 sound system which consists of a Yamaha RX-V475 receiver and Hsu bookshelf speakers paired with a Hsu VTF-3 sub. It’s almost embarrassing how satisfied I was with my VT50 PRE-calibration, lol.

After Jeff was done with getting the ISF day/night modes I felt like I had a completely different flat screen put on my wall. Flesh tones, whites, reds, blues and of course the infamous black levels were absolutely stunning with a very near true to life color reproduction. It was such a stunning change that I didn’t want to leave the house.

I felt like I was in Foxoboro, MA at the AFC Championship game !! That’s how good the picture is. Then for the night cap, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was put on. That scene on the hill right when Voldermort commands all of them to “begin”, stunning.

There were details I’ve never seen before. Amazing. Having a VT50 performing at the level they are capable of is something to behold in the flat screen world.

The sound. Jeff created a much more full and engaging sound experience. The subwoofer hits tighter and quicker, night and day from what it was.

He went over settings in the Yamaha that frankly I had no clue were there nor how to work. He also tweaked the speaker placement which helped big time. I now am getting much more from my equipment than I ever thought.

Jeff is a true professional in every sense of the word. He explained the what, why and how with everything he did. Another thing that really got my attention was his common sense. Not only does he use his top of the line (and very expensive) equipment and tools, he uses his own eyes and ears. That is very important with calibration. Jeff takes what he does very seriously.

In fact I believe he works on every bit of equipment as if it was his own. Jeff is a one of a kind and at the top of the heap. Can’t thank Jeff enough for the incredible job he did. He has a very good website that can give you a lot of information on what he has to offer,  easyjacks- AVS Forum


I too can attest to the terrific audio calibration that Jeff Meier can do on your system. Video calibration is only half of the picture (pun intended!) and a lot of people just use Audyssey to do a room EQ and assume that they have arrived at the best audio calibration for their room.

Jeff can improve upon that by a mile. I’m a happy customer and plan to have him back sometime this spring since I have some new speakers I want him to work on! -Cal68 AVS Forum