THX AUDIO CALIBRATION – Our THX certified audio calibration ensures your audio system is performing at its peak capability.  Sophisticated test equipment along with experience is used to determine how your audio system is performing.  The capabilities of this method far exceed those available from automatic systems like ARC, Audyssey, Dirac, EMO-Q, MCACC, RoomPerfect, Trinov and YPAO found in receivers or preamplifier processors. The reasons this technique is superior to the automated calibration methods found in products today are many. These include:

  • Receivers and preamplifiers today have sophisticated manual adjustments that deliver superior results to those done by automated methods.
  • Over processing audio data using complex mathematical correction like that found in Audyssey and other similar techniques reduces audio clarity.
  • Poor quality microphones supplied for automatic calibration results in poor frequency response.
  • No understanding of how the seating is arranged and used.
  • No understanding of how the system is used.
  • No understanding of equipment limitations and capabilities.
  • No guidance in adjusting your subwoofer settings like phase, level, Q, crossover frequency, filters or equalization.
  • No guidance with surround processing modes.
  • No guidance with optimizing source settings.
  • No guidance with optimizing preamp or receiver option settings.
  • No guidance with speaker placement.
  • No guidance with settings on speakers.
  • No guidance with room acoustics.

Click on this link for an example of the mistakes made during automatic calibration versus AccuCal manual calibration. Here are two frequency response measurements comparing automatic and manual calibration for another system. Here is another example showing Audyessey versus manual calibration for the LFE channel. These are average measurements of a 5.1 system from the same location using the same microphone. The automatic calibration was from a major brand receiver. These differences in performance are typical and very audible. We also specialize in calibrating products like the ADA Cinema Rapture, Bryston SP2 or SP3 and Classe SSP-800 preamplifier processor that do not include any automatic calibration methods, but instead wisely rely on manual techniques.

Key Benefits:

  • Stunning realism
  • Proper bass level
  • Clear dialog
  • Exceptional detail
  • Verify equipment is performing as intended. About 10% of the systems I work on have a defective component that needs to be repaired that the owner is unaware of.

Key Steps:

  • Client education about audio calibration process and your system improvements
  • Listener location
  • Fix connection problems (cable cost is separate)
  • Speaker delay setup
  • Speaker placement/alignment
  • Speaker level calibration
  • All speaker phase check
  • Bass management setup
  • Subwoofer phase setup
  • Subwoofer placement
  • Fold subwoofer properly into overall system
  • Equalization to reduce room/speaker problems
  • Critical measurement of the acoustic environment before and after adjustments
  • Listen to real recordings for verification and fine tuning
  • Acoustic treatment and speaker placement design (if purchased)
  • Lip sync correction
  • Custom DSP programming is also available to implement speaker layouts that do not match home theater equipment capabilities. This is an example of a Symetrix configuration for a Wisdom Audio implementation in a 9.4 speaker topology.

Test Equipment List:

  • Sencore SP495 – professional audio analyzer with SoundPro-EX, TechBench, Noise Curves, Speech Intelligibility, Time Delay Analysis and Multi-Band Decay RT60 optional software
  • ACO Pacific MK224PH Type 1 measurement microphone for room noise level classification to NC 15, frequency response measurements and time measurements
  • Earthworks M30 measurement microphone for accurate frequency and time measurements
  • Optical audio connection from computer to sound system to facilitate audio tests when no DVD or Blu-Ray player is available
  • Klein NCTV-2 Non-contact voltage tester to diagnose ground and power problems.
  • Extech CT70 AC circuit tester to diagnose ground and power problems.
  • TrueRTA real time analyzer and signal generator
  • AccuCal room acoustic and loudspeaker analysis software to measure direct sound and room resonance. This software builds a model for each speaker of your system to allow optimization and simulation of system changes.
  • Portable DVD player to test systems that have only streaming sources
  • Custom CD to generate quasi random noise and frequency sweep for surround sound or stereo sound systems
  • Custom DVD and to automatically perform audio test with Dolby Digital 5.1 test signals
  • Gold Line ‘s “The 5.1 Audio Toolkit”
  • THX Calibration Blu-Ray
  • DTS Auro Test Tones Blu-Ray
  • Dolby Atmos Test Tones Blu-Ray
  • Lip sync test Blu-Ray and measurement tool
  • Ovation’s “Avia Guide To Home Theater”
  • CARA acoustic design and analysis software
  • Various movies and music recordings

Manufacturer Specific Tools:

  • Audyssey Pro Installer Kit to sample more data points and allow customization to improve results.
  • McIntosh MX150 Voicing Tool
  • Paradigm PBK subwoofer calibration tool
  • OpenDRC Software for programming miniDSP digital signal processors
  • SymNet software for Symetrix audio DSP
  • ALLDSP software for programming Funk Audio subwoofers
  • Revel LFO (low frequency optimizer)


  • THX Certified Home Theater Technician Level II
  • BS Engineering Degree

Application Experience:

  • Over 2000 systems
  • Home theater
  • Home stereo
  • Movie post production
  • Professional audio
  • Car audio

Equipment Experience:

  • Speakers: Acapella, Acoustech, ADS, Adam Audio, Aerial Acoustics, Angstrom Loudspeakers, Artcoustic, Artison, Ascend, ATC, Atlantic Technology, Audio Physic, Axiom, Bang & Olufsen, BG Corp, B&W, Bose, Boston Acoustics, Braun, Canton, Crystal Audio, Dali, Danley, DCM, Definitive Technology, Dunlevy, Dynaudio, Eben, Elac, Electro-Voice, era, EMP Tek, Energy, Focal, Gedlee, Genesis, Genelec, GoldenEar, Guru Audio, Hales, Infinity, Jamo, JBL, JMLab, JTR, Kaiser Acoustics, KEF, Klipsch, Legacy Audio, Living Sounds Audio, M&K, Magnepan, Martin Logan, MBL, McIntosh, Mission, Mirage, Monitor Audio, Niles, NHT, Norh, Onix, Paradigm, Parts Express, Pioneer, Polk, ProAc, PSB, Raidho, RBH, Revel, Rockport Technologies, Ruark, Salk, Seaton Sound, Selah, Snell, Sonus Faber, Sonance, Sony, Sunfire, SVS, Tekton, Thiel, Totem, Triad, Triangle, Vandersteen, Vienna Acoustics, VMPS, Von Schweikert, Wilson Audio, Wisdom Audio, Yamaha, Zu Audio
  • Subwoofers: Aerial Acoustics, Angstrom Loudspeakers, Atlantic Technology, Axiom, B&W, Bose, Boston Acoustics, Cabasse, Crystal Audio, Danley, Dayton, Definitive Technology, Elemental Designs, Energy, EPIK, era, Funk Audio, Gallo, Genelec, Hsu, Inifinity, James, Jamo, JBL, JL Audio, JTR, Klipsch, M&K, Martin Logan, McIntosh, Mirage, MJ Acoustics, Monitor Audio, MTX, Onix, Onkyo, Paradigm, Parts Express, PSB, Polk, REL, Revel, Rythmic, Seaton Sound, Snell, Sony, Sunfire, SVS, Talon Audio Technologies, Tekton, Triad, Velodyne, Von Schweikert, Yamaha
  • Preamplifiers: Acurus, ADA, Alpine, Anthem, Aragon, Arcam, Audio Control, B&K, Bel Canto, Blue Sky, Bryston, Cary, Classé, Datasat Digital, Denon, EAD, Emotiva, Golden Theater, Halcro, Integra, Krell, Lexicon, Marantz, Mark Levinson, McIntosh, Meridian, Moon, Onkyo, Outlaw, Parasound, Primare, Proceed, Sherbourn, Sony, Sunfire, Theta Digital, Yamaha
  • Receivers: Arcam, Anthem, B&K, Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Cambridge Audio, Crestron, Denon, Harman Kardon, Integra, JVC, Marantz, Onkyo, Outlaw, Panasonic, Pioneer, Rotel, Samsung, Sherbourn, Sony, Sunfire, Yamaha
  • Amplifiers: Acurus, Adcom, Anthem, Aragon, Arcam, Artcoustic, B&K, Behringer, Bel Canto, Bryston, Butler Audio, Cary, Citation, Classé, EAD, Clayton Audio, Crown, Dartzeel, Earthquake, Emotiva, Golden Theater, Hafler, Halcro, Harmon Kardon, Krell, Lexicon, Marantz, McIntosh, Merrill, Audio, Moon, Music Fidelity, NAD, NHT, Outlaw, Parasound, Proceed, PS Audio, QSC, Rogue Audio, Rotel, Spectron, Sunfire, Theta Digital, Wyred 4 Sound, Yamaha
  • Equalizers/DSP: Anti-ModeTM (DSpeaker), ARC, Ashly, Audyssey, Behringer, Classe, Denon, DBX, Dirac, Elemental Designs, Emotiva, EMO-Q, Krell, MCACC, miniDSP, R-DES (Onix), QSC, Rane, Revel, RoomPerfect, SVS, Symetrix, Triad, Trinov, Velodyne, Yamaha, YPAO